1 month ago

Using contextual analytics to win friends and influence people

I knew Google Analytics had an API but was too afraid to use it. Why was I such a cry baby?

Richard Speigal
1 day ago

Twitter works just fine - except for investors

Paul Mason argues Twitter is "good enough" and Wall Street should get off its back about slowing growth. He skips the fact it was sold to investors on the basis of strong growth.

3 days ago

A look inside Google's new OnHub wireless router

This seemed dull until I realised it's a sneak peak into the home of the future.

3 days ago

Flash takes one step closer to complete annihilation

Flash ads in Chrome will be autoconverted to HTML5 and with that the end of Flash is nigh. A web milestone, let's hug it out.

2 months ago

When open data sucks

Nobody talks much about the pitfalls of using open data in a real life project. I'll make a start.

Richard Speigal
19 hours ago

Today's most shared front page on #skypapers

Sky News
5 days ago

AirBNB why did you terminate my account?

This is an open letter to AirBNB from a host who is clearly passionate about the firm but had their account closed. There's surely more to come but it underlines the power wielded by the global sites.

6 days ago

What's new in Bootstrap 4

I'm coming to the end of my love affair with Bootstrap - it's bloaty. But it's been a wonderful tool and I'm sure this update will give it many more wonderful years.

2 weeks ago
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6 days ago

You're using your camera's flash all wrong

You just spent $750 on a fancy digital camera, so why does the flash turn your beautifully lit living room into a haunted cavern every time you photograph it? These are ace, easy tips!

1 week ago

Why only open data can save smart cities

The ODI flops from bizarre academia to downright obstruction (see jobsworth licensing scheme) and they provide zero support to grass roots hackers. Then they want us to fix all the things. Seriously?

1 week ago

When to use target="_blank"

Meh fair enough. It's a bit lame, don't use it in 2015.

1 week ago


These guys wrote a Javascript natural language parser which I just need a good excuse to use.

1 week ago

Bath: Hacked 2.1 (2 Bee Videos)

This is a nice video about the second big hack we held last year.

2 weeks ago

Dad builds his daughter a Star Wars speeder rocking horse

This one-year-old has no concept what Star Wars is, but that doesn't stop her Dad. This bloke made me feel just plain inadequate.

2 weeks ago

Amazon may well be the most evil company in tech

You are dying of cancer. You have just lost your unborn child. You have to care for your dying father. You are worthless. The increasingly dark side of big tech.

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