3 days ago

Using contextual analytics to win friends and influence people

I knew Google Analytics had an API but was too afraid to use it. Why was I such a cry baby?

Richard Speigal
4 hours ago

Google launches new dynamic search ads

This a major revamp designed to speed the workflow and make it easier to create ad campaigns. This looks like Google feeling pressure from Facebook.

13 hours ago

A visual introduction to machine learning

This is sci-fi. It's also real and this is a great way to get a handle on it.

2 days ago

Why I won't run another startup

Quite literally everything I wanted to say about startups but was too afraid to write.

1 month ago

When open data sucks

Nobody talks much about the pitfalls of using open data in a real life project. I'll make a start.

Richard Speigal
15 hours ago

Today's most shared front page on #skypapers

Sky News
2 months ago

How to survive camping in middle age

Like many victims of the recession, we turned to camping as a cheap alternative to a proper holiday. It isn't easy but with the right equipment, you too can look like a pro.

Richard Speigal
2 months ago

Bath accident blackspots 1996-2013

My pal Mark spent a lot of time compiling data on road traffic accidents in Bath and turned it into this mesmerising timelapse map.

Richard Speigal
2 days ago

The 11 best places to live in Britain to suit you and your family

OMG Bath gets another big up to Londoners, we were supposed to be keeping this place a secret? (The piece also interested me because their journos are using CartoDB to knock up maps - go Carto!)

3 days ago

Five ways to bring advertising to life in the internet of things

There's a lot pointing to the demise of web advertising, then IOT comes along and reminds us advertising can just morph to other, better platforms.

3 days ago
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6.3 mag - 4,577 miles from Bath

71km SSW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska

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3 days ago

Contributor by Google

This is an experiment in additional ways to fund the web. I'd love it to work but with ad blockers going mainstream, it seems unlikely. Too little, too late?

4 days ago

Everything in its right place

I think this means Google+ is mostly dead. I'm in mourning for a brilliant product that just never quite worked.

4 days ago

Open Data is not working - how to fix it?

A thoughtful piece. Maybe we're using the wrong metrics to understand success.

1 week ago

Do you really need more Facebook Likes? The data driven answer

Phew. Turns out we were right to drop the drive for Facebook fans. It's a vanity metric.

1 week ago

Breadcrumbs & multi-step indicator

I'm mildly obsessed with breadcrumbs because they put good site structure at the top of your mind. This is a handy snippet to create responsive CSS breadcrumbs or multi-step indicators with ease.

1 week ago

Comparing Bootstrap with Google's new Material Design Lite

Frameworks are great when shipping is a higher priority than winning design awards. If you're familiar with Bootstrap and fancy a change this is a good read.

1 week ago


Short of an open data idea? This list of existing local data projects is designed to inspire you to do the same for your community.

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