1 month ago

I'm just too busy

This is a massive blog post full of wisdom and words and new ideas.

Richard Speigal
6 days ago

Integrating Slack and Google Analytics

Here's an ace way to keep your teams focused on what matters.

1 week ago

All the best data tools and how to use them

If you're into data even just a bit this listicle will make you pee your pants with excitement.

1 week ago

How to suck at social media: A helpful guide for businesses

I rarely bookmark social media articles... unless they're honest and agree with my own metrics. This nails it. Good advice.

2 months ago

What you need to know about the iPhone 6S

Tim Cook just launched the latest version of Apple's world beating smartphone - the amazing iPhone 6S. I delved into the tech behind the hype.

Richard Speigal
3 hours ago

Today's most shared front page on #skypapers

Sky News
1 week ago

Styling & customizing file inputs the smart way

File inputs suck. A tutorial on how to style and customize in a semantic, accessible way using the element and some JavaScript.

2 weeks ago

The state of airline websites 2015

One case study is worth a thousand wordy tutorials. This is a monster, and it's brilliant.

1 day ago
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210km S of Tarauaca, Brazil

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2 weeks ago

Can big data algorithms tell better stories than humans?

If it takes the drudge out of report writing, I bloody hope so.

2 weeks ago

Global Rich List

How rich are you compared to everyone else on the planet? This is a really good use of data but most of all, it's very well presented.

2 weeks ago

Flexbox for interfaces all the way

I'm way behind the Flexbox curve. This case study has some quality examples and is a good jumping off point.

2 weeks ago

Expedia to acquire HomeAway for $3.9bn

I'm pretty proud we've managed to play in the same space as these boys for so long but it looks like market consolidation is complete. The vacation rentals business is now very much a big business.

2 weeks ago

Understanding what makes a visualization memorable

If you've ever made any kind of visualisation this may depress you - but read it anyway. I came away with a much better understanding of what works.

3 weeks ago

Food, Glorious Food; Data, Marvellous Data!

It turns out the government have been tracking our food intake since 1940 and now they want to release all the data. This could be a fascinating dataset and may spawn some very useful projects. Bravo!

3 weeks ago

Airbnb reveals 3-step plan to enter vacation rental market

This is huge. HomeAway et al should probably be concerned and owners may finally have a viable alternative.

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