1 week ago

I'm just too busy

This is a massive blog post full of wisdom and words and new ideas.

Richard Speigal
8 hours ago

Instant debit card transfers

Stripe goes from strength to strength. Another hard thing made easy with facility to pop money on debit cards, great for market places et al.

1 day ago

Introducing the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Apple and Facebook are moving content inside their walled gardens as the backlash against bad ads and terrible mobile browsing hits fever pitch. Google is worried, this is their answer.

4 days ago

16 searches you can run on Wolfram Alpha that don't work on Google

Wolfram is way too geeky to ever hit the mainstream but dammit this is clever and kind of wonderful.

4 weeks ago

What you need to know about the iPhone 6S

Tim Cook just launched the latest version of Apple's world beating smartphone - the amazing iPhone 6S. I delved into the tech behind the hype.

Richard Speigal
7 hours ago

Today's most shared front page on #skypapers

Sky News
2 months ago

Using contextual analytics to win friends and influence people

I knew Google Analytics had an API but was too afraid to use it. Why was I such a cry baby?

Richard Speigal
4 days ago

Building Bath Mums

Awww... My wife is one smart cookie. Here's how she made it work.

5 days ago

Data is the next big thing in content marketing

Marketers are waking up to the power of data, which is probably long overdue because geeks and statisticians have been making a fun thing dull for far too long.

1 week ago
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6.2 mag - 7,049 miles from Bath

30km SW of Ovalle, Chile

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1 week ago

UpUp - offline first in one line of Javascript

Let users visit your site, even when they're on a plane over the Atlantic, or 20,000 leagues under the sea. WTF?!

2 weeks ago

Speeding up page load times on Google Maps

Here's a little tip here to speed up load times with the maps API by up to 500ms. These days that's probably worth doing.

2 weeks ago

40 Data Mavericks Under 40

Damn these kids are clever. Some inspiring stories of people who made data useful.

3 weeks ago

Apple vs Google vs Facebook and the slow death of the web

"It is going to be a bloodbath of independent media." Christ.

3 weeks ago


I love the Google maps API and I love zombies! Possibly the best bookmark I'll see this week

3 weeks ago

How to marry text and images

An everyday problem and some simple solutions.

3 weeks ago

What we talk about when we talk about Ad Blocking

The growth of Ad Blockers is truly astounding and publishers seem woefully unprepared. They have less time to adjust than they think.

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